Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make Life Easy When You're On the Go!

Health and happiness as someone with a hectic and busy life style depends on your choice of actions throughout the day. Instead of being overwhelmed by your hectic lifestyle, consider some handy life tactics and strategies for easier living.

Eliminate the early morning process by doing most of your chores the day or night before. Plan your breakfast the night before and put out pre-made choices in a large handy Tupperware container. Avail yourself of meal planning services or websites that coordinate shopping lists and meal plans so you don't have to worry about what to cook for dinner.

Set your clock 10 minutes earlier, to get a jump start. You would be surprised at how useful this is in the morning when the kids are not cooperating or there are unexpected traffic delays onthe road. 

Office friendly exercises like chair lunges and even kegels can be done at your desk so you save time at the end of a busy day. You can even keep a few light weights in your desk drawer for some bicep curls between clients and during phone calls. That way you don't have to feel guilty about spending too much time away from your family.

Download an easy computer application to remind you throughout the day of important events on your to do list. Explore all the calendar and appointment capabilities of your phone or tablet- you'll be surprised at the number and variety of apps available for free.

 When help is offered, don't refuse it. Don't try to do things all alone or try to be a superwoman. Recognize your shortcomings and face them head on and then work toward overcoming them.

Give yourself small breaks throughout the day. Sometimes it's easier to break one big task into a few smaller ones that are easy to manage.

Give social media a break, but balance and connect with other. DO search for deals online; DON'T get caught up in reading your brother's girlfriend's baby mama drama. That's just time wasting and usually energy draining.

Reward yourself for staying on task and for even minor accomplishments. I love my iced coffee, and now that its summertime, indulge in Seattle's Best Coffee. It's delicious and reasonably priced for the frugal minded. I usually grab one at the neighborhood Rite Aid right after a hectic day or in the mornings after I take the kids to school.

Most importantly, protect your health actively. Get enough rest so that you are functioning at your best.
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