Saturday, December 12, 2015

CPR Saves Lives!

If someone in your family was in need of CPR, would you know what to do? What if your child was experiencing heat exhaustion or was choking? Would you know how to help them, or would you waste precious time waiting for someone who could help? Over 70% of adults say they don’t feel comfortable administering CPR, but that can change with you.
ACLS National, a medical certification company, is promoting a free CPR campaign to improve awareness and knowledge of general lifesaving skills like rescue breathing and chest compressions. Through just six easy steps you can learn how to provide CPR to an adult, child, and infant. Even better, for promoting this CPR refresher on your blog you can earn $25. Please contact Patrick Knauer at to setup the $25 promotion bonus. Click here to get started! What you learn may save a life.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun Times at Virginia Beach

 Have you ever been water parachuting or jet skiing on the beach? Put this on your list of fun activities to do on your next beach vacation. Although there are a lot of water sports to choose from, I remember trying to jet ski one year while vacationing on Virginia Beach.  It's not as easy as it appears on television. It was very difficult for me to stay on once I got the motor started and as soon as I rode a couple of yards I would slip off the seat. Finally I did get to a slightly professional level, and it proved to be exciting and exhilarating.

Water Parachuting, Jet skiing, mini golfing and bike riding, are only a few of the fun physical activities that can be done on Virginia Beach.

If you are going to stay in a beach front hotel, you will find all the popular ones such as the Hilton, Ramada and Best Western to name a few, and it is one of the best places to dine for sea food. Visit any of the seafood Restaurants along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, you can find and eat any seafood imaginable. Just choose a restaurant that serves buffet style, then rent a bike and ride off all those calories, and if you have a friend or two you can also find a tandem bike which is a pretty common thing on the boardwalk.

Virginia Beach is also known for having great museums and other fun and educational institutions. You will find the Military Aviation Museum an exciting place to discover vintage planes in mint condition, and if you have children they will love visiting and learning about world war aircrafts and experiencing a taste of history. You can even schedule your visit to see an air show which gives an opportunity to see some of the aircrafts at large, and flying in action. The museum is located near to the Virginia Beach airport.

Another great place to visit is the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum; it is hosted in the last original oceanfront cottage on the boardwalk. It's an interesting, curious place to visit along the boardwalk, and from here you can experience your passion for bird watching, see the carved wooden birds and wildfowl that are on display. This is an aboriginal art form (carved ducks).  This museum is free and is located on Atlantic Avenue right along the boardwalk.

Online websites also have a great deal of information about planning your Virginia Beach vacation, a good place to start would be at the Visit Virginia Beach website at and if you scroll down to the like button below, you can find more information on their facebook page.  I hope you enjoy Virginia Beach. It's a wonderful place to have a vacation.

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