Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every Child Has Their Own Individual Sense of Style! Does Yours?

Almost every day my 8 year old daughter says to me "Mom, what am I going to wear today?" And with that I usually choose something out of her closet or chest of drawers and lay it on her bed.
Half an hour later, to my exasperation she is wearing something totally different or has modified what I had chosen for her just a moment before.

Usually it's some combination that I don't agree with. She'll choose something like pink socks, orange top, and pair it with some strange patterned skirt or bottom. After a moment of thought and heated verbal battles, we finally come to an agreement where I at least get her to match the top with the socks.

She definitely has her own sense of style and I am sure-read "hope"- it will certainly get better with age.

My son who is fifteen, never had that problem when he was that age. Whatever I gave him to wear he wore, until he reached the age of 14; then everything had to match; the hat, the shirt, the pants, the socks and the sneakers.
Of course I had a problem with that too. I simply said to him "Why does everything have to match?"
At least he was on the right track, but of course as he got older he realized this was a bit unrealistic and balanced it off by trying to coordinate his clothes, and of course it goes without saying that he just had to have the most recent style in Jeans THE SKINNY JEANS! Well you could imagine my shock and horror! But like every teenage style I know that this too shall pass. Again, I live in "hope".
Surprisingly he does like to wear a lot of tee shirts, and amazingly his favorite place to buy tees is JC Penny-click here to see his receipts.  He bought some this week. "Ma!" he said, "There is sale on tees this week at JC Penney- you should go!"
Gasp! A couple more tees on the floor of his room adding to the chaos.
What I realize is that my kids each have their own unique style. I see it in the choices they make on a daily basis when it's time to go to school. They're always adding some little accessory to their clothes, just to "jazz it up a bit" as my daughter likes to say!

They are young and they like to be in style. What mother can complain about that!

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