Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach.

Summertime and the living is easy! Fish are jumping, la da de da da! We made it through seasons of sleet, snow, rain and hail, extra-curricula activities and late nights of homework. So what's next? Part of being healthy is taking time to de-stress and get away from it all. Summertime is a great time for us Healthy Mamas to recharge our batteries and there is no better place than Virginia Beach.

Thinking of Virginia Beach brings back sweet memories of my going on spring break back in the '90's. My college crew and I had already done Daytona Beach the previous year so we figured it was time for Virginia Beach. And of course Virginia Beach did not disappoint. Now that I'm all grown up and have left my partying ways behind me, I think it's time to revisit Virginia Beach and this time I might even take the kids or maybe a group of my BFF's can do a weekend spa date at Virginia Beach if I really want to relax and de-stress.

If you're not familiar with Virginia Beach, the following are wonderful places to see and go with your family.

1. The Beautiful Beaches, of which there are miles and miles, are all open to the public. If you are looking for a peaceful beach sanctuary then just don't go during Spring Break. Virginia Beach has lots to do and see all through the year.

2. The Marine Science Museum, a popular museum in the state, is located in Virginia Beach. I personally find museums to be quite relaxing and can spend hours browsing through everything. This is a great way to lose track of time.

3.Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to see migrating birds and is a great place for the nature-lovers among us.

4.Boating and fishing at the marinas can be peaceful and serene if sitting quietly waiting for fish to bite is your thing. If it's not, then just being on the water and surrounded by nature can produce relaxing and calming thoughts.

5.Water sports are so much fun and you can participate at Virginia Beach. Being relaxed and de-stressing doesn't always mean peace and quiet. For the healthy mama adventure lovers and thrill seekers, Virginia Beach offers parasailing and jet skiing too. You can even go sailing and there's sport fishing for the guys so they'll be happy too. Nothing leaves you with a more relaxed feeling that doing something that you love and burning up excess energy by playing water sports is a good way to de-stress and keep yourself in balance and everything harmonious.

6Going biking on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach is another fun thing you can do alone or with friends and family. Don't worry, you can rent bikes for the entire family while you're there. With 3 miles of boardwalk for you're biking pleasure, you can work take it all in quite easily by bike.

7.Scuba Diving is also available if you're feeling particularly adventurous and diving lessons are available. Visit the scuba park at Virginia Beach for recreational diving.

8.The Francis Land House is at Virginia Beach if you're in the mood for a little history. At this plantation manor built in the 18th century you are sure to satisfy your thirst for some back in time adventure. You will certainly feel as if you have been traveling back in time at this 200 year old mansion.

9.The Cape Henry Lighthouse is another must see attraction at Virginia Beach. Climb all the way to the top of this old lighthouse that guards the entrance of Chesapeake Bay. It is open only seasonally so you might want to plan in advance.

10.The hotels and resorts and restaurants in Virginia Beach offer some of the most comfortable accommodations of any location in the United States. Experience the fresh seafood and stay at your favorite chain hotel or motel or you can rent a vacation home here. There are bed and breakfasts to if you want something a little more homey and cozy. Virginia Beach is also a great venue for reunions if you want to reconnect with family or have a large group holiday.

I'm seriously considering a vacation to Virginia Beach. I've been away for too long!

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