Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Supporting and Protecting Your Family !

Family financial planning and protection can be one of the most daunting situations that a family or an adult has to come to terms with at some point in their adult life. A common fear for a family is being unable to deal with low or no finances or the absence of a loved one, but if we look at it with an optimistic attitude, step by step planning and a good financial plan can offer a family a certain peace of mind.

 The best investment you can make is to have some knowledge about your own affairs. Do not depend solely on a financial advisor. If you take the time to learn about money matters, you will receive a rich reward— you will be control of your family’s financial situation and the health and in charge of the well being of your family.

The following are a few plans that we can set in place for family finances and well being for the future.
Get a good Life Insurance Plan because the purpose of life insurance is to offer financial protection to your loved ones in the event that the adult or caregiver is not around. The benefit it provides is that it is usually a liquid and readily available form of cash to beneficiaries and in most states exempt from the claims of creditors.

An investment in gold silver or diamonds can also be a very lucrative financial move, even if it’s just a gold coin once a month; whatever suits your financial situation.
There are other financial strategies you can put in place but which may not be as liquid as the above like stock bonds or notes, but this may be a bit more complex. 

In terms of family emotional support, it is important to have a family support network in place, In the event that there is a family emergency, always familiarize with people who your children can look up to and trust in case you are unavailable. This may be another family member or a close family friend with whom your child is familiar and comfortable.

The severity of the impact of a family crisis or emergency can be lessened with preparation. Do your homework. Find out which insurance policy best suits the needs of your family. Do your research about investments so you’ll know which works best for you. Take control of as many variables as you can so that you and your children are well taken care of.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Squirmy Baby Pamper Changing Time!

Was your baby happy and active as mine was? She would babble and bubble, and kick her feet up, peddling away as though she was upside down, riding her cycle in preparation for the Olympics.

This same baby girl was also quite a challenge at changing time. Aren't they all? Grabbing on to her slippery oily smooth baby skin in her middle of her infant Olympic training was a whoa moment; legs moving about a hundred miles an hour, with babbles and goo goo.

Somehow, I managed to embrace the experience and eventually became an expert at baby changing squirmy time. Here are some good tactics and pointers to use. They worked for me and my little button, (that's what I used to call her).

Always ask your husband first. That way you won't have to do it, and just in case he does it without his own version of a temper tantrum, give him a spray bottle of water, a pair of goggles and an air mask to make it fun. This was the case with my son. LOL! (Luckily those days were over with button.)

Here's another good tip. Before starting, make sure you sprinkle a dusting of cornstarch baby powder on your hands to decrease the slipping and sliding.  Then make sure all your baby tools are next to you. Always be prepared. Talk to baby continuously in a soft soothing tone. Have a conversation with your baby and try to engage them in order to distract them and also to give them a jump start for preschool. Remember that babies are always learning!
Of course you must not forget the mystifying hand distract toy. I had one of those tweeting bird mobile bouncing thingies, tweeting and twirling in the air above the crib. This definitely engaged her.
I also remember creating and singing some award winning songs that I'm proud to say I composed myself to my daughter. Of course I wouldn't ever sing them in public but those little ditties sure did hold her attention.

How exciting that Huggies has a new product to help new moms! What a great innovation- diapers that easily slip on an off. WOW! You have to love it. I told my next door neighbor about them. She just had a baby girl and of course I interrupted her just as she was changing the baby. This was one time she didn't mind the interruption. Phew! I remember those days. I tried to tell her about my blog post. I don't believe she heard me though. She was too busy with her squirmy baby.

Nevertheless I will catch her at nap time.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Healthy Tips For Our Back to School Kids.

Its that time of year when in great anticipation we plan in our heads what is to be done concerning our kids going back to school. It's a bitter sweet occasion for kids and parents alike.
Moms dread the escalating costs of school clothes and supplies for yet another year. Kids anticipate having to wake up again at that sound of the alarm early in the morning with total harassment from of their parents.

However, despite all the excitement and drama that is associated with going back to school, the most important thing to consider is the health of our kids, so they can follow through successfully throughout the school year.

The following are some healthy tips and advice to get them through:

1. Enhance you kids immune system by choosing effective vitamins for immune boosting. Don't forget the omega 3's either. A teaspoon of fish oil daily or a capsule will go a long way in ensure that your kids' brains are functioning optimally.
2. Have kids get enough sleep so their bodies get to rejuvenate for the next day. Be warned- you may have to cut out some TV time or game time with much protest but after a while the kids will get used to the new routine.
3. Lots of water is important. Survey says that kids aren't hydrated enough- so drink up!.
4. A healthy breakfast and dinner rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins will keep your kids satisfied and well nourished so that their bodies and minds are healthy.
5. Maintain a peaceful and positive environment in your home. After all, there is nothing worse than a distressed child!  Good psychology helps to maintain good health and ensures that your child can focus in school instead of worrying about negative situations at home.
6. Exercise is important for healthy bone structure and weight management. It also helps kids focus and concentrate better.
7. Fresh air is very important. If you live in a congested and polluted neighborhood, encourage kids to do deep breathing exercises early in the morning before traffic begins.
8. Take time to show kids love and attention. Surveys say that if a child feels loved it helps boost immunity and helps them feel secure which in turn boosts self esteem.
9. Speaking positive phrases to your children is just as important as a healthy diet and enough rest. Positive phrases help motivate children to do their best and helps shield them from disappointments or negative situations.
10. Make sure your take your children to the doctor for annual check ups even if they appear to be healthy. Doctors are trained to look for disease and maladies that we as parents might overlook; but don't discredit the importance of a mother's intuition either.

Sickly or unhappy kids make for distressful family situations, so attempting to keep our kids healthy is our number one priority after ourselves.

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