Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Healthy Tips For Our Back to School Kids.

Its that time of year when in great anticipation we plan in our heads what is to be done concerning our kids going back to school. It's a bitter sweet occasion for kids and parents alike.
Moms dread the escalating costs of school clothes and supplies for yet another year. Kids anticipate having to wake up again at that sound of the alarm early in the morning with total harassment from of their parents.

However, despite all the excitement and drama that is associated with going back to school, the most important thing to consider is the health of our kids, so they can follow through successfully throughout the school year.

The following are some healthy tips and advice to get them through:

1. Enhance you kids immune system by choosing effective vitamins for immune boosting. Don't forget the omega 3's either. A teaspoon of fish oil daily or a capsule will go a long way in ensure that your kids' brains are functioning optimally.
2. Have kids get enough sleep so their bodies get to rejuvenate for the next day. Be warned- you may have to cut out some TV time or game time with much protest but after a while the kids will get used to the new routine.
3. Lots of water is important. Survey says that kids aren't hydrated enough- so drink up!.
4. A healthy breakfast and dinner rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins will keep your kids satisfied and well nourished so that their bodies and minds are healthy.
5. Maintain a peaceful and positive environment in your home. After all, there is nothing worse than a distressed child!  Good psychology helps to maintain good health and ensures that your child can focus in school instead of worrying about negative situations at home.
6. Exercise is important for healthy bone structure and weight management. It also helps kids focus and concentrate better.
7. Fresh air is very important. If you live in a congested and polluted neighborhood, encourage kids to do deep breathing exercises early in the morning before traffic begins.
8. Take time to show kids love and attention. Surveys say that if a child feels loved it helps boost immunity and helps them feel secure which in turn boosts self esteem.
9. Speaking positive phrases to your children is just as important as a healthy diet and enough rest. Positive phrases help motivate children to do their best and helps shield them from disappointments or negative situations.
10. Make sure your take your children to the doctor for annual check ups even if they appear to be healthy. Doctors are trained to look for disease and maladies that we as parents might overlook; but don't discredit the importance of a mother's intuition either.

Sickly or unhappy kids make for distressful family situations, so attempting to keep our kids healthy is our number one priority after ourselves.

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