Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Squirmy Baby Pamper Changing Time!

Was your baby happy and active as mine was? She would babble and bubble, and kick her feet up, peddling away as though she was upside down, riding her cycle in preparation for the Olympics.

This same baby girl was also quite a challenge at changing time. Aren't they all? Grabbing on to her slippery oily smooth baby skin in her middle of her infant Olympic training was a whoa moment; legs moving about a hundred miles an hour, with babbles and goo goo.

Somehow, I managed to embrace the experience and eventually became an expert at baby changing squirmy time. Here are some good tactics and pointers to use. They worked for me and my little button, (that's what I used to call her).

Always ask your husband first. That way you won't have to do it, and just in case he does it without his own version of a temper tantrum, give him a spray bottle of water, a pair of goggles and an air mask to make it fun. This was the case with my son. LOL! (Luckily those days were over with button.)

Here's another good tip. Before starting, make sure you sprinkle a dusting of cornstarch baby powder on your hands to decrease the slipping and sliding.  Then make sure all your baby tools are next to you. Always be prepared. Talk to baby continuously in a soft soothing tone. Have a conversation with your baby and try to engage them in order to distract them and also to give them a jump start for preschool. Remember that babies are always learning!
Of course you must not forget the mystifying hand distract toy. I had one of those tweeting bird mobile bouncing thingies, tweeting and twirling in the air above the crib. This definitely engaged her.
I also remember creating and singing some award winning songs that I'm proud to say I composed myself to my daughter. Of course I wouldn't ever sing them in public but those little ditties sure did hold her attention.

How exciting that Huggies has a new product to help new moms! What a great innovation- diapers that easily slip on an off. WOW! You have to love it. I told my next door neighbor about them. She just had a baby girl and of course I interrupted her just as she was changing the baby. This was one time she didn't mind the interruption. Phew! I remember those days. I tried to tell her about my blog post. I don't believe she heard me though. She was too busy with her squirmy baby.

Nevertheless I will catch her at nap time.

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