Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TILEX SWEEPSTAKES: "Cancel the Moldshow in Your Bathroom"

 I remember growing up at home as teenagers. There were times when everyone had to do their fair share of chores and responsibilities around the house. With five of siblings, from time to time it revolved to my turn for bathroom cleaning. I shared a bathroom with two brothers, the cat, and a few other occupants that had been around since the beginning of civilization. So with humans, animals,  fungi and bacteria, we all figured out a way to live together; and at least once a week I would have to scrub or evict colonies of mold, bacteria and other mysterious entities, so that we could live under sanitary conditions (or so exclaimed my mother.)

 Now, a couple years into the bathroom cleaning adventures, I use a few strategies of prevention to keep the bathroom environment mold free and my bathroom fresh and constantly clean.

1. We all know that moisture is the main reason for a mold growing in the environment so try to keep the bathroom ventilated every day. Open the bathroom window so that the air can circulate and dry the moisture, and if there are no windows in the bathroom, make sure to keep the ventilation fan on at least a few minutes after showering.

2. Keep a cleaning wash rag or sponge in the bathroom so at night after everyone takes a shower the last person can use a spray bottle with part water, lemon and baking soda to wipe off excess water on the shower tiles. Use this spray formula on the wall before removing the excess water. The walls will dry quickly and mold will cease growing overnight.

3. It is important always to mop and remove excess water from the bathroom floor and especially the corners where water can get trapped sometimes. Remember, less moisture will prevent mold growth.

4. Every now and then, carefully place some scented candles in the bathroom. The scented candles in a bottle are safe. Nothing keeps the moisture out like the good old fashion warmth from the scented candle. Plus it keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Remember that once you keep the moisture out, mold is likely to take up residence elsewhere.

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